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The GSP breed dam´s card

Name: Brita z Golštýnů
Reg. Nr.: ČLP/KO/79677
Year of birth: 2011
Marks at dog shows: Very good
Awards at trials:

Natural Hunting AbilityTests (ZV) – 1. prize*

Autumn Field Hunting Tests (PZ) - 1. prize*

Special Water Hunting Tests (SZVP) – 1. prize*


*Each dog needs to get certain number of points to be placed in the first, the second or the third prize

Nose: 4 Retrieving, system: 3 Speed: 3
Endurance: 4 Pointing: 4 Tracking: 4
Tracking in thereeds: 4 Behaviour after shot: 4 Obedience: 4
** The best mark is 4, the worst is 1, mark 0 is fail
Qualities: Promissing female dog with excellent presumption to work
Heigh: 60 cm Eye: brown Color: liver and white spotted
Owner: Dalibor Fajt, Čechovická ul. 6, Prostějov, 798 01, e-mail:, phone: +420 608 473 378
Brita z Golštýnů
Breeding female dog

Line: I.

chosen to breed

Date: 22.6.2013
Place: Náměšť na Hané
Judges: Oldřich Nehyba, Mgr. Eva Illová, Jan Nastoupil

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Brita z Golštýnů
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Brita z Golštýnů