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Ebby z Golštýnů successfully carried out Autumn Field Hunting Tests, Forest Hunting Tests and Special Water Hunting Tests in one month! Everything happened so quickly, so we were not able to update our website in time :-)

6th August 2016 Ebby was placed in first prize in Special Water Tests in Stašov, where she got 92 points and came on the second place.

20th August 2016 Ebby contested successfully on Forest Hunting Tests in Zdechovice, where she obtained 230 points, was placed on the third place, in I. prize.

3rd September 2016 Ebby dazed in Autumn Field Hunting Tests in Kočí-Topol, where she got 297 points without any hesitation (she couldn´t come to furry game). Ebby was placed on the second place.

With this success Ebby fullfiled the conditions of breeding.

We would like to congratulate to winners – Ebby and her owner and leader, whom belongs infinite admiration to. We wish her not only success in hunting cynology, but also lot of family happinness. The future descendant came to the world with a lot of cynology experiences :-)

Ebby z Golštýnů